Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Moment of Narcissism

In lieu of anything truly exciting to share this week (my life is always exciting, but whether you agree that my tales of English Club functions and television watching are fascinating for yourself is a different matter), I thought I'd share a piece of writing.

This is a little thing I wrote on my typewriter (yes); it hasn't been submitted anywhere, or is it likely to be. This means you can tell me what you truly think about it, but doesn't mean I'll be nice about criticism. I think. I'll probably be nice anyway.

Lady of the Rust Belt

Baby, we go cruisin',
five over the limit.
Flying the highway - revvin',
racing a setting sun that slides, sultry down
Detroit sky.
Motor City maidens, you and I.
I am the engine, you are the wheels.
Windows down, hand skipping the air, skiing the breeze.
Summer hair torrents 'round my face, sweet Motown melodies
ride the air.
I am the spirit of the interstate.
I am the Lady of the rust belt;
you are my silver steed.
We ride the night.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Six Sentences: 6SV2 Now Available!

Six Sentences: 6SV2 Now Available!

I say this not just because I'm in it, but because this is truly an awesome community, with a great assortment of ideas and styles, and well, YOU SHOULD READ IT, OK?!

I'm so excited, I needed an interrobang!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Number One

My first blog could simply be an introduction to myself. However, I think I have the burden of justification on my hands. One, because this is an admittedly narcissistic act and you probably want to know why I think I'm so interesting – and why you should give a shit. Secondly, because this blog will center around the academic pariah known as “English,” I feel an urge to explain to the masses, har har, why I feel the subject is worth discussing.

If you think English is an easy field, a frivolous field, or one that does not offer a future, we are going to have problems. English is not only the study of poetry written by dead guys, or correcting people's use of commas, it is the study of the English language in all its forms and aspects. There is not a single field English does not connect with. Written and spoken words convey history, motives, feelings, ideas. Mathematics majors who feel that I took the easy way out: Please try to convey your thoughts on your latest proof without any language. Go. All those weird symbols count as language, don't deny it. Examining a poem by a dead guy (or gal) gives us insight into the time it was written, their own philosophy, their life, education, and personality. The reason we go bananas over commas and other punctuation marks is that they create a rhythm in pieces that dictate how the piece is read. Yes, that's totally important:

And to you, dummies, and scholars, this is serious.

Take out the first comma. Do it. You're a dummy!

And to you dummies, and scholars, this is serious.

I came up with that myself. Where's my gold star?

It will take more to convince some of you cats, so I am letting it go for now. Moving on, let me give you an idea of what an English major can do besides teach. Apparently, everyone but I got a memo stating that was all we were good for. Teaching is great, but here's a few more ideas:

  • Editor
  • Writer: Novelist, Short Fiction, Poetry (Sometimes it DOES pay!)
  • Lecturer, Orator
  • Performing Artist
  • Journalist
  • Freelancer
  • Scholar/Academic
  • Book Critic
  • Publishing
  • Business
  • Book seller
  • TV/Movie Writer
  • Comedian
  • Tutor

In fact, this list could go on forever, because there are hundreds of jobs that do not require this degree, but could benefit greatly. This includes anything from store clerk to politician. A well-versed English major is a well-versed communicator. Deny the need to speak and write well all you want, but no one wants to look like an ignorant douche on a cover letter, business proposal, or job interview. Learning to understand, interpret, and create writing is how this ability is fostered.

As for myself, I am of course and English major. I earned my Associates first at a community college and now attend the University of Michigan-Dearborn. My main interest is in science fiction and Victorian literature, which is ridiculously odd. I live with it. I am an Editor for the school's literary and fine arts journal, which means absolutely nothing, except good times and drama over commas. See, I'm a poet also.

I have Celiac disease, and health problems because of it. Acquiring my Bachelors will take time because of this (I'm almost on year six, and still a Junior), as will being healthy enough to work and make cash money to pay my bills. I write and try to sell works, but that doesn't always pan out. The goal of this blog stems from that. I want to document my academic and creative life, practice and share writing and anything else creative I can pull from my patootie (what?), and interact more with the world at large, maybe if I'm lucky, even network. I have no grand scheme, because I suspect few will read this. Ostensibly because I will be posting no nudies, but perhaps more likely because like selling a story, selling a blog is difficult. I'm jumping in anyway.

This has been long and boring enough, so get out of my face. With love.